Welcome to Perfect Circle Recycling

Perfect Circle Recycling (PCR) develops program specific strategies to assist companies achievable aspirations of zero waste.  PCR utilizes a broad base of companies to facilitate in the transportation of food waste, food byproducts and yard waste. Materials commonly classified as “waste” provide avenues for reuse in composting, compressed natural gas, renewable energy production or animal feed. Here at PCR we are always looking for new technologies that address high energy/water consumption as well as sanitation of BOD/COD effluents to extract renewable commodities.

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The use of compostable products minimizes waste while simplifying the overall process and creates an efficient recyclable waste stream.  Partnering with like minded companies, we provide a streamlined service to accommodate the various needs of our customers.  Our team is dedicated to transforming traditional trash removal into a sustainable practice.  Working together we become stewards of our community and set the recycling standard for Michigan.

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