Transportation of Food Waste/Recyclables

20111219164041Upon our initial visit we will perform a visual audit of your facility with discretion being the first priority then assessment of your waste generated.  Based on our findings, we determine mode of collection, transportation and reuse. Business needing special accommodations or having limited space need not be concerned, as equipment capabilities and service providers are selected based upon individual customer needs.  PCR oversees the proper procedures in disposing of materials in an environmentally sustainable manner. Additional training is also provided for successful implementation and high reward!

Compostable Service ware

There are many companies which provide compostable packaging and flatware and we are here to point you towards the best products available. Upon our initial audit we are able to determine your options in utilizing earth friendly packaging, flatware and bags to reduce organics contamination. This creates an efficient seamless program for landfill diversion.

Synthetic Substitutes

The largest cost for crop production comes from the fees associated with fertilization and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. In our efforts to provide safe environmental alternatives we have partnered with various companies capable of generating the volumes you require. Tested and certified by accredited labs, OMRI listed SumaGroulx, soils containing beneficial brix levels and digestates from AD facilities are effective organic amendments. These products have been proven to provide superior results in comparison to synthetic fertilizers.

Municipal Composting of Yard Waste

20120222144200 Although it is a natural process to compost, we have a thorough understanding of the importance of maintaining proper documentation, rotation and the amendments used to produce high quality compost. Many municipalities have an abundance of yard waste being generated within the community, when mixed with wood chips and food waste this lesser product becomes a trifecta of sustainability. While being utilized within the community gardens, parks and projects.

Community Gardens


Nothing brings a community together like getting dirty together. And the fruits of our labor taste nothing like out of a store.

We would enjoy combining efforts with any community to produce a bountiful garden amended with all natural ingredients to complete the perfect circle in the life of our food.

Renewable Energy

Depending upon your location within Michigan your food waste or bi-product may qualify for reuse at an Anaerobic Digestion Facility. With a certain amount of commitment from our customers and coordination with our partnered affiliates we can assist your facility in becoming sustainable within a short period.20111121151123

Responsible Manure Management

PCR recognizes the abundant amount of manure which accumulates on livestock farms and at livestock events.   We offer a sustainable recycling solution for farms and events that produce these high volumes of manure.

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